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The Basic high Comfort supports the whole body and head. Adds extra support and comfort around hip and thigh area due to the design and a layer of Spacer material on the inside.

Two extra loops are added at the legstraps for optional use. When using the loops there will be space between the patients legs for hygiene.

The sling can be used as divided leg support or as a cross over position, this also provides good support for the amputee. (Amputee clients MUST be assessed for this sling).

The adjustable head support can be folded down when not in use.


Net material.

Suitable for

  • Lifting persons with little control over their body and head, lifting to and from a lying position (bed and floor etc.)
  • Lifting to and from seated position (wheelchair, bath- /commode chair etc.)
  • Persons who need extra support and comfort around the hip and thigh due to pain, hip alloplastic etc.


Basic Comfort High Back Sling



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