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A lift tailored to your home - The Wessex Elesse Luxury Lift is the latest addition to the Wessex market leading through floor lift range.

Elegance in your home. With a choice of colours, finishes and style, Wessex Lifts make it easier than ever to tailor a lift to suit your home. With no requirement for a wall, construction work is minimal and the ease of installation ensures your lift is ready to enjoy within just a few days. The Elesse is luxury and elegance in a small package.

Designed and manufactured in England, the Elesse provides an elegant, high quality alternative to a traditional stairlift solution allowing you to stay in your home. The Wessex Elesse lift leaves the stairway, hall and landing free of obstruction.


Why is an Elesse better than a stair lift?


  • Space saving design (1.1sq.yd).
  • Keep stair ways clear of obstrution.
  • Can fit almost anywhere in a room.
  • Aesthetically pleasing design.
  • Standard complient (BS 5900:2012).
  • Minimal building works.
  • Quiet. Very quiet.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Far more luxurious.


    Features and Options


    • Free standing tracks eliminate the need for a load-bearing wall, wider choice of lift locations.
    • Delivered flat packed for ease of transport and entry into the home where the lift is assembled by Wessex trained engineers.
    • Doors and controls can be handed right or left to suit the user.
    • Illuminated internal push button controls designed for ease of use.
    • Audible alarm with battery back-up for use in an emergency.
    • Sensors prevent movement if obstructed.
    • Rated load capacity of nearly 40 stone.
    • Wireless control for added convenience.
    • Power operated door.

      Luxury Elevator Lift


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