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The Minuet 2 range's Pro-Contour® advanced profiling system with intelligent profiling delivers outstanding pressure, shear and friction reduction, helping to reduce the risk of pressure ulcer development*, as well as improving postural support and comfort for the resident/patient.


With a low platform height, easy storage and transportation, a smart domestic appearance and a safe working load of 396 lbs (180 kg), the Minuet 2 helps to improve safety, comfort and independence for residents/patients, and minimizes the strain of transferring and handling tasks for caregivers, thereby also reducing the risk of injury.


* when used with an ArjoHuntleigh recommended mattress support surface.

The Minuet 2 complies with the latest IEC 2-52 bed standards.


Features & Benefits

  • Low platform height 10” (250 mm) from the floor
  • Safe working load 396 lbs (180 kg)
  • Electric backrest, knee break and height adjustment
  • Pro-Contour® advanced profiling for reduced pressure, shear and friction
  • Battery back-up
  • Integrated mattress platform extension of 5 1/4” (130 mm) with mattress retainer
  • Designed for use in private, residential and convalescent homes
  • Easy to disassemble into four parts for improved installation access
  • Compact storage/transportation, using transit brackets
  • Optional foot-down/head-down two-way tilt
  • Compatible with a wide range of pressure redistribution and pressure relieving mattresses from ArjoHuntleigh
  • Wide range of accessories available

Minuet 2 Bed Frame with Hi/Lo

  • Maximizing Patient Safety

    Use of extensive incident and risk data has enabled the IEC to identify a number of areas around the bed where entrapment of a resident's/patient’s head, neck or chest might result in a serious or life-threatening situation. By prescribing stringent test parameters for these areas, the aim is to reduce entrapment risks to the minimum possible level during operation and use of the bed.

    ArjoHuntleigh's Minuet® 2 has been independently tested by a globally renowned organization, to certify that it complies with the latest stability, dimensional and safety requirements of the IEC60601-2-52 standard.

    Technical Information

    Measurements and weights

    Overall standard length 2260 mm
    Overall length (extended) 2390 mm
    Overall width without safety sides 940 mm
    Overall width with safety sides 1050 mm
    Mattress size (length x width) 1980 x 860 mm
    Height range 250 - 660 mm
    Tilt range (if fitted) +/- 10°
    Backrest angle (maximum) 73°
    Thigh elevation (maximum) 32°
    Safe working load 180 kg
    Section weights  
    Head end 22.8 kg
    Foot end 22.8 kg
    Foot end deck 19.8 kg
    Head end deck 23.5 kg
    Electrical data (all models)  
    Power in 1.0A max at 230V a.c 50Hz
    Electric shock protection Class II, Type B
    Ingress protection IPX4
    Battery 12V d.c sealed, rechargeable, lead/acid gel 1.2 amp hrs


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