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Residents in care environments gain important physical and psychological benefits when their mobility is maintained. Choosing the right mechanical aid for a resident is crucial for maintaining mobility.

SARA 3000TM is the perfect choice for transferring residents like Carl (see ArjoHuntleigh Mobility GalleryTM on back page). This standing and raising aid is designed specifically to provide optimum activation for wheelchair users with some capacity to support themselves.

SARA 3000 has been ergonomically designed with both the caregiver’s and resident’s needs in mind. Also, with the new option of an integrated scale,SARA 3000 is transformed into a standing, raising and weighing aid – enabling the resident to be weighed easily during a transfer.

Improving the resident’s quality of life

Every aspect of SARA 3000 – from the choice of detachable slings to large handles for an easy grip
– has been designed to provide a safe, comfortable environment for resident transfers. With the support of the kneepad and footplate, the resident always feels secure. SARA 3000 can also be used for beneficial standing exercises. It helps to improve the quality of life for residents by building a simple way to maintain mobility into regular handling routines.

Enhancing the caregiver’s working environment

SARA 3000 makes the caregiver’s work easier.
It enables safe transfers to be carried out by a
single caregiver, because it completely eliminates manual lifting. The machine raises the resident to
a standing position while providing optimum upper body support. Ergonomic design makes SARA 3000simple and comfortable to operate and control. Easy operation via the handset or mast panel supports safe, efficient transfers, which means the caregiver can devote more attention to encouraging the resident’s active participation in the transfer routine.

Key features

  • Supports ergonomic working routines

  • Anatomical design for resident comfort

  • Safe working load 440 lb (200 kg)

  • Weighing capacity 418 lb (190 kg)

  • A variety of slings made of non-slip material,

    available in 5 sizes

  • Dual controls for easy operation

  • Active kneepad with individual leg support

  • Footplate ensures stability and safety

  • Powered adjustable chassis improves access

    for transfers

  • Integrated scale option

    Resident benefits

  • Mobility is activated during everyday transfers

  • Mobility-maintaining standing exercises

  • Confidence in a safe, comfortable and stable


  • Optimum support for transfers from bed, chair

    or wheelchair

  • Excellent aid for more dignified toileting routines

  • Keeps reassuring eye-contact with the caregiver

    Caregiver benefits

  • An easy-to-maneuver machine means reduced strain

  • A single caregiver can perform a transfer or standing exercise

  • Good access for adjusting the resident’s clothing

  • Handset control means you always work close to

    the resident

  • Dual controls offers alternative or back-up to





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