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Arjo's Simulflex™ range is manufactured using high quality polyurethane foam and provides a cost effective alternative while rivaling a number of more expensive systems when it comes to clinical performance.

The Simulflex Mattress Replacement System (MRS) range was developed to provide a cost effective, 24 hour solution for residents/patients and staff.

Comfort and safety in mind

Suitable for hospitals, healthcare facilities, hospices, care homes for the sick and elderly and community care facilities. The Simulflex meets all equipment decontamination guidelines and fire retardancy regulations.

Safe and convenient for residents/patients and caregivers

The Simulflex mattress has been designed and tested by Arjo’s research and development facility, to ensure good, reliable performance and value for money, and is available in a range of sizes.

Simulflex Mattress Replacement System


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