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It’s the world’s only mobility device to combine 4WD and the All Directional Wheels, enabling advanced motion and complete terrain coverage.
High power torque and large front wheels conquer rough terrains and steep hills. Maneuver over grass, dirt, gravel, and snow with ease.
All Directional Wheel Technology is an industry-wide innovation in both maneuverability and personal mobility. We’ve taken our deep knowledge of the automobile industry and applied the technology to personal mobility, enabling faster, effortless maneuverability in tight spaces inside and varied terrain outside.


    • Max Speed: 5.5 mph    
    • Distance: 10.6 miles
    • Max load: 220 lbs
    • Battery: 12V 50Ah x 2
    • Charging: 8-9 hours
    • Incline: 10 degrees
    • Speed: 3 speed (High, mid, low)
    • Brake: Electromagnetic brake
    • Drive System: All wheel drive
    • Front Wheels: 9.8" all direction
    • Rear Wheels: 12.5" Flatproof
    • Height: 34-36 inches
    • Length: 37-41 inches


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